Whenever we used to go to shopping malls or fun centers, I was always the first person to use those bill operated massage chairs, 3 minutes for $1 or similar. I just love massage and it was a nice, cheap substitute for expensive Spa packages. But finally I retired and decided to buy a massage chair just for myself. I wanted to have the same experience with a massage chair, but in my own home. So I’ve bought the 3D Rocking Massage chair and now it’s hard to get me out of it! I can enjoy a massage anytime I want, and my friends and family are crazy to come visit me all the time and have some massage by the way. I don’t mind, after all the more, the merrier!

Johnny, age 71, Connecticut

I love watching TV, so I spend quite a lot of time in my chair – and it used to be OK until I had to get up. After knee surgery that I had last year, getting up was a nightmare! So my children came up with a brilliant idea to give me a Lift Chair as a Christmas gift. I think they didn’t even expect how happy would it make me. Now I can easily get up whenever I want, without calling for help or using my cane. Health Furniture Concepts has lots of different models, mine is Specialty Wall Hugger, and I just love the color and how comfy it is.

Pilar, age 86, New York

I’ve bought the Jazzy 600 ES power chair couple of months ago, and it totally changed my life. I’m happier, because now I have more independence and don’t have to ask for help all the time. I also like the shiny red color and the fact that it’s easily foldable. Whenever we go somewhere, we just fold it and take it with us. I can definitely recommend HFC, the staff was very helpful when I couldn’t decide which model would be the best for me.

Jeanine, age 61, Long Island